“Close your eyes and you’re in a luxury car”


For the last two years, I have been driving a Honda Accord, and I must say the ride is simply a pleasure.  Having acquired the Honda dealership in Barbados two years ago, I felt the need to represent the brand not just in sales, but also in lifestyle choice as well.  I was pleasantly surprised, that the shift from the usual brands I drove was not missed.  Because, although the Accord is categorized as a regular size sedan to quote caranddriver.com “close your eyes and you’re in a luxury car.”

Choosing A Car

A Honda is a great choice of vehicle for any pocket size.  Usually, Barbadians are worried about resale value and parts for vehicles. Platinum Motors has upgraded its workshop at the new Fontabelle location, and we now stock a wide range of parts and accessories.  A car is a major investment, and it is best to choose a brand that doesn’t depreciates significantly over time.  The name Honda is synonymous with style, safety, and durability.  I was pleased to hand over the keys to a brand new Honda Accord to Mr. Trevor Stuart.  This was the first vehicle to be delivered from our new location at Fontabelle.

I look forward to seeing you driving a Honda as well!  Come in for a test drive, call us at 426-1767


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