Platinum Motors Inc. launches new location and the New Honda Civic


Last week we took the media on a tour of the new home of Platinum Motors Inc. and Honda at Fontabelle.

Two years ago at the launch of Platinum Motors at Bay Street, I said that we had our sights set on moving to that Fontabelle location. At that time some thought that my vision was far fetched as this site had been abandoned by its previous owners for some time now and it was difficult for persons to see the diamond in the rough.

This location from the outset was appealing on a number of levels. It previously housed a car dealership and therefore it was already amenable to our services offering. It is central, and we also wanted to contribute to keeping our main town, Bridgetown, alive since it is currently struggling to maintain its standing as the Barbados’ main commercial hub.

We speeded up the renovations because we wanted the facility to be operational by Independence. With businesses moving out of Bridgetown we wanted our opening to be symbolic of our commitment to our main town which is important to Barbados’ heritage.

Already we are seeing investment coming back to the city as with our move here; we are soon to have influential neighbors joining us as the oil company Rubis will soon be opening a new gas station and mini mart next door. Platinum Motors’ opening can therefore be viewed as an independence gift to the city.

We have not only invested in facilities, parts and equipment, but our strategy was to simultaneously develop our human resources capacity. We now have onboard an industry savvy management team with combined experience of over 55 years in the business. We have employed additional customer service personnel and mechanical and collision repair technicians with many years of experience.


The 2017 Honda Civic was also unveiled at the event. The new fully redesigned Honda Civic exemplifies automotive excellence and blends fun with efficiency and practicality. The Honda Civic’s precise steering, solid chassis, and well-tuned suspension provide both a compliant ride and easy handling.

Platinum Motors operation at Fontabelle features vehicular sales with larger showrooms and adjoining parts division, collision repair, a mechanical workshop and executive offices.


Privatizing state-run organizations in Barbados

Privitizing state-owned enterprises in Barbados by Peter Harris

Privatization is inevitable. In Barbados, we simply cannot afford to continue to subsidize state-run organizations.

But how we go about privatizing our most critical public entities? In my opinion, the government should put measures in place to ensure ownership remains with the general population and not with one organization or family.

Essential services like water, transportation, sanitation, fuel, airport and seaport should not be owned by one organization or family for generations to come at the expense of the populace. What should happen is that there should be a tender for a management contract for a private enterprise to run these institutions. The contractor should be allowed to purchase up to a maximum of 10%-35% of the state own enterprise but the rest of the enterprise being offered to the public so that there is public participation in these entities.

There is a debate on now about the privatization of the Sanitation Service Authority. Why would we want to end up putting the collection of garbage into the hands of one family, irrespective of who is it? We have already done part of this on the water side, and in my opinion, this should not have happened. Barbadians have a lot of savings in banks, and we effectively have been paying taxes to build these state enterprises so why not offer the same taxpayers the opportunity to own a stake in what they have effectively contributed to over the years.

Let us not be blindsided by the present, especially in this our 50th year of Independence, but be cognizant of the Barbados we are creating for generations to come.


“Close your eyes and you’re in a luxury car”


For the last two years, I have been driving a Honda Accord, and I must say the ride is simply a pleasure.  Having acquired the Honda dealership in Barbados two years ago, I felt the need to represent the brand not just in sales, but also in lifestyle choice as well.  I was pleasantly surprised, that the shift from the usual brands I drove was not missed.  Because, although the Accord is categorized as a regular size sedan to quote “close your eyes and you’re in a luxury car.”

Choosing A Car

A Honda is a great choice of vehicle for any pocket size.  Usually, Barbadians are worried about resale value and parts for vehicles. Platinum Motors has upgraded its workshop at the new Fontabelle location, and we now stock a wide range of parts and accessories.  A car is a major investment, and it is best to choose a brand that doesn’t depreciates significantly over time.  The name Honda is synonymous with style, safety, and durability.  I was pleased to hand over the keys to a brand new Honda Accord to Mr. Trevor Stuart.  This was the first vehicle to be delivered from our new location at Fontabelle.

I look forward to seeing you driving a Honda as well!  Come in for a test drive, call us at 426-1767


Why Philanthropy Matters

Why Philanthropy matters by Peter Harris Chairman of the PVH Group of companies in Barbados

Achieving success is a wonderful thing, especially given all the obstacles and challenges that you usually have overcome to get there. However, I have always held the belief that to whom much is given, much is expected.

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What Defines Your Personal Growth?

What Defines Your Personal Growth? by Peter Harris Chairman of the PVH Group of companies in Barbados

Going through life without an answer to this question can negatively impact on our achievements. Defining just what drives us impacts on the personal choices we make since we are but a sum total of our choices.

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